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blue nerds strain review

blue nerds strain review


blue nerds strain review

Hybrid – 50% Sativa /50% Indica
THC: 25% – 26%


blue nerds strain review

blue nerds strain review, is an equally adjusted half breed strain (half indica/half sativa) made through crossing the

exemplary Taboo Natural product X Watermelon Z strains. Named for its beautiful appearance and astonishing flavor, blue

nerds strain reviews is the ideal adjusted half and half to assist you with getting inventive on a lethargic evening when you

don’t have quite a bit of anything more to do. blue nerds strain review buds have eye-getting grape-molded and cushioned

backwoods green nugs with profound purple undercurrents, heaps of flimsy orange hairs and a shimmering, cold covering

of profound purple-colored white precious stone trichomes. You’ll smell sour, citrusy lemon, sharp Granny Smith apples,

and fruity blueberries as you break apart each glittering nugget.

blue nerds strain

The flavor is very similar, with a bouquet of fresh fruits like sour apples, sweet melons, and sugary blueberries. The Blue

Geeks high is similarly basically as delectable as its taste and smell, with a blissful, calming suggestion that enacts the

mind and settles the body in a matter of seconds by any stretch of the imagination. You’ll feel blissful and centered with a

lift in imagination that assists you with getting into the main part of work or carry on significant discussions with people

around you. Blue Nerds has a distinct advantage in treating ADD or ADHD, depression, chronic stress or anxiety, chronic

pain, and arthritis due to its extremely high average THC level of 25-26%.

blue nerds strain effects

Creative, euphoric, focused, happy, social, and upbeat. It may also help with ADD/ADHD, anxiety, arthritis, chronic pain,

depression, and stress. Flavors: apple, blueberry, fruity, melon, sugary, sweet. Aromas: apple, blueberry, citrus, earthy,

fruity, lemon, and sour. Grape Ape and Strawberry Cough were crossed by Oregon Microgrowers Guild, and the resulting

cross was backcrossed. Additionally, it self-pollinated. All of this is intended to provide smokers of all levels with a zest.

Also referred to as “Nerdz,” “Blue Nerds,” “Pink Nerds,” “Nerdz OG,” and “Blue Nerdz.”

blue nerd strain

The hemp has a very smooth, dark flavor that combines the sweetness of coffee and peach with the smell of weed, which

is woody and pungent. Kylie 25.02.21 Nerds Strain Review – Blend Of Hash And Grapes Flavors With Hints Of Strawberry

Looks and Smell Buds look big and heavy. It will take you back in time and put you in the most relaxed state. Pieces of

bright green with a hint of the same bright purple are what these are. The buds appear to be extremely rich overall.

Orange hairs specked among white trichomes. Nerds have frequently been compared to grapes in flavor by consumers.

The terpenes eucalyptol and humulene make it possible. Another essential terpene, ocimene, gives pot flavors, for


  • Woody
  • Spicyherbal
  • Geeks Strain Kind of High

The unmistakable cannabinoid in the Geeks weed strain is THC, around 13-17%. That permits even fledglings to partake

in the kush. The high comes on quickly and lasts a long time in your head. You’ll experience a mild euphoria that will help

you forget about everything. And yet, it’s madly stimulating marijuana. Because marijuana significantly relaxes the body,

you won’t be able to do any household chores because of the powerful stream of thoughts. However, it aids creativity and

concentration. This sort of impact permits Geeks to experience such states as:

Side Effects of ADHD Anxiety Weight Loss Nausea Stress However, you should use the weed with extreme caution. The

fact of the matter is that excessive cannabis use frequently results in unpleasant side effects. You will be tortured by

extreme yearning, so we suggest planning snacks ahead of time. Additionally, you may experience severe fatigue and


Developing Tips blue nerds strain indica or sativa

Tragically, you can seldom buy seeds. Nonetheless, you can get clones from recognizable producers. It is a small cultivar,

growing up to 30 inches. After six weeks, you will be able to observe how marijuana blooms because the plant matures

very quickly. Currently in the eighth week, you will actually want to reap. Since the plant is little, it can create as much as

150 grams of pot for every plant.

Blue Geeks is a weed strain from SoHum Regal that joins Taboo Natural product x Watermelon Z. It’s in no way related to

Geeks, which has an also known as of a similar name. Blue Geeks from SoHum Illustrious set twentieth in every one of

the blended light weed in California in The Emerald Cup 2023.

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