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daddy butter strain

daddy butter strain


daddy butter strain

Indica Dominant Hybrid 70% Indica / 30% Sativa


daddy butter strain

While there isn’t a lot of data accessible on the starting points of Spread OG, it is for the most part remembered to

be an indica-predominant strain as it gives purchasers an extremely unwinding, giggly high that continuously blurs

to drowsiness. Its thick, shimmering buds emit a fruity fragrance with slight suggestions of smelling salts. The

smoke is extremely light and smooth, with sweet flavors on the breathe in and, similar to its name proposes, a rich

trailing sensation. Spread OG is possibly gainful for treating torment, uneasiness, discouragement, and a sleeping


Indica Dominant Hybrid

Butterstuff, otherwise called “Spread Stuff” or “ButterStuff,” is an indica prevailing mixture strain (70% indica/30%

sativa) made through crossing the delectable Peanut Butter Breath X Kid Glove strains. An astounding indica with

dependable impacts, Butterstuff is the ideal decision for any understanding who’s after a delectable flavor and

practically unending high. Like its name proposes, Butterstuff has a really sweet and smooth rich nutty flavor with a

bit of harsh citrus to it, as well.

70% Indica / 30% Sativa

The smell is similarly as great, with a smooth rich suggestion highlighted by harsh citrus, sweet products of the soil

punch of hot spices. The Butterstuff high has a smooth beginning before out of nowhere sending off you into

space. You’ll find your brain immediately sent off into a high-flying zone of happiness that will make them feel

pretty murky and garrulous. You may likewise start to surrender to weighty instances of the snickers in this state,

chuckling at anything around you under any condition whatsoever. With these impacts and its really high 24-29%

typical THC level and 0-2% CBD level, Butterstuff is in many cases decided to treat different circumstances

including ongoing weariness, wretchedness or emotional episodes and constant pressure or tension. This bud has

little and thick close dim olive green nugs with profound purple feelings, meager orange hairs and small purple


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