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apples and bananas strain

apples and bananas strain


apples and bananas strain

Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

THC: 23% – 30%, CBD: 2%


apples and bananas strain

apples and bananas strain, is a strong mixture indica weed strain produced using a hereditary cross between Blue Power,

Gelatti and different strains. Apples and Bananas contains at least 20% THC, making it an excellent option for seasoned

cannabis users. weed shop clients let us know Apples and Bananas’ belongings incorporate bliss, happiness, and feeling


apple and banana strain

When dealing with symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression, medical marijuana patients frequently choose apples

over bananas. Reproduced by Treats and Compound Hereditary qualities, the full hereditary is ((Platinum Treats x

Granddaddy Purple) x Blue Power) x Gelatti. Apple, pear, and tree fruit flavors are featured in Apples and Bananas.

Myrcene is this strain’s most prominent terpene. The typical cost of Apples and Bananas commonly goes from $35-$45. In

the event that you’ve smoked, spotted, or consumed Apples and Bananas, educate us regarding your experience by

leaving a strain survey.

apple and bananas strain

Apples and Bananas is a uniformly adjusted crossover strain (half indica/half sativa) made through crossing the delightful

[(Platinum Treats X Granddaddy Purple) X Blue Power] X Gelatti strains. The name of this marijuana speaks volumes

about its flavor. The flavor of Apples and Bananas is fruity and sweet, with a hint of black pepper and deliciously sweet

bananas and tart apples.

apples and bananas weed strain

The fragrance takes a spicier turn, with sharp punches of flavorful diesel and sweet synthetics added in. The full-bodied

effects of the Apples and Bananas high, which will hit you hard and leave you dazed, are just as delicious. Your mind will

be lifted into a state of happy euphoria almost immediately, and you will experience an increase in creativity as a result. A

deeply calming tingle will begin to spread throughout your body as your mind begins to whirl through artistic concepts and


apples and banana strain

This humming impact can turn invigorating and stirring on occasion, as well. These impacts joined with its really high 23-

30% typical THC level and 2% CBD level pursue Apples and Bananas an incredible decision for treating persistent

torment, wretchedness, constant pressure, hunger misfortune or sickness and muscle fits or spasms. This bud has grape-

formed cushy woods green nugs with profound purple leaves, matching connotations and flimsy orange hairs.

apples and bananas strain effects

Excited, Innovative, Elation, Blissful, Unwinding, Shivery

May Assuage

Persistent Agony, Issues, Despondency, Muscle Fits, Stress


Apple, Berry, Synthetic, Fruity, Peppery, Sweet


Hearty, Fruity, Natural, Hot

apples and bananas strain indica or sativa

Apples and Bananas might be important for a fair eating routine, yet in addition the name of a decent half breed by

Compound Hereditary qualities related to Treats. Apples and Bananas is produced using crosses including numerous

strains. First Platinum Treats is crossed with Grandaddy Purple. This posterity then mates with Blue Power. The

consequence of this is then reproduced with Gelatti.

apples and bananas strain cookies

The thick and stout Apples and Bananas buds are made of snaked, olive-green and violet leaves. There are only a few

long orange pistils, and the buds have a frosted appearance thanks to a coating of white trichome hairs.

Apples and Bananas offers a fruity fragrance, rich with apples and flavors. The banana is more diligently to make out

amidst gassy exhaust and a solid pine scent. The kind of harsh apples and flavors blend in with the crazy taste of gas and

pine for an extraordinary character.

apples and bananas strain review

Users have described a numbing body buzz and a powerful cerebral euphoria. Either as a late-night snack or as a wake-

and-bake recipe, this adaptable hybrid is a breeze to prepare. One user found himself in the gym, eating a lot, and doing

creative writing.

The Apples and Bananas strain was found to be potent and not for the faint of heart by all reviewers. Apples and Bananas

is a versatile hybrid that, according to reviewers, could satisfy the requirements of numerous users, particularly those

seeking potency! The tests clearly show that this strain has 28.5% THC, as we discovered.

Much of the time Posed Inquiries About Apples and Bananas

What is Apples and Bananas?

Apples and Bananas is an intense half and half from Treats, known for its fruity character.

Where does Apples and Bananas come from?

Cookies is the source of the Apples and Bananas strain, which was created through a series of crosses. First, Grandaddy Purple and Platinum Cookies are bred together. This posterity then, at that point, mates with Blue Power. The aftereffect of this is at long last reared with Gelatti.

What smells like apples and bananas?

This strain smells like fiery apples, with traces of diesel and pine.

What Apples and Bananas taste like?

Apples and Bananas has a harsh apple and pine flavor, with gassy hints and a zesty trailing sensation.

What tone does Apples and Bananas have?

The thick and stout Apples and Bananas buds are made of looped, olive-green and violet leaves. Long orange pistils show up inadequately, while a layer of white trichome hairs loans the buds an iced appearance.

What impacts does Apples and Bananas have?

Clients have detailed a strong cerebral rapture and desensitizing body buzz as well as feeling of craving and innovativeness.

Is Apples and Bananas an Indica, Sativa or Crossover?

Apples and Bananas is a balanced hybrid that is roughly 50 percent Sativa and 50 percent Indica.

We should look at Apples and Bananas. Well it’s heredity is sufficient to cause you to sit up and focus. Take Platinum

Treats, Grandaddy Purp, and some Blue Power, and cross that with some Gelatti and you get Apples and Bananas.

Ummm, the strain suggests a flavor like apples and bananas.

apples and bananas marijuana strain

That is no secret so how can it respond…

Excuse me as I sound cautions… New strain, new strain. I neglected to dismiss the DJ Hint metal voice. Apples and

Bananas might trick you into thinking it is an indica. With the sweet berry tastes it is precarious. However, this hybrid is a

great wake-and-bake strain that will get you moving and energized.

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