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packspod 2g disposable

packspod 2g disposable


packspod 2g disposable


packspod 2g disposable

packspod 2g disposable, Brand: Packwoods. Experience the greatness of Packwoods, a prestigious Los Angeles-based

marijuana business that stands among the most granted organizations in California.

Concentrate: Live Tar. Find the specialty of live tar greatness with our fastidiously created extricates, giving both visual

allure and extraordinary terpene and cannabinoid portrayal, guaranteeing each meeting with our live tar is a wonderful

and vital excursion loaded up with improved tangible encounters.

packspod 2g

Strains: Sativa. Our advanced Sativa strains, each meticulously bred to deliver a lucid and energizing high that is ideal for

enhancing social activities and promoting a positive mood, will help you realize the full potential of your cannabis journey.

Design: Bottle-style. The elegantly designed exterior of our disposable vape in the traditional small bottle shape embodies

the essence of style and convenience, making it easy to enjoy your favorite flavors while making a fashion statement.

Type: Without tobacco Hemp. To ensure a consistent and enjoyable smoking experience, each tobacco-free hemp

product is crafted with care and precision.

packspod live resin 2g

Channel Tips Material: Glass. Join the positions of the people who request the best in smoking adornments and enjoy the

greatness of our Glass Channels today.

Charging: Type-C Port. The vape is outfitted with a Sort C port, you can charge the vape when the battery is depleted.

Depending on usage, the charging time is approximately 120 minutes.

Firing: Draw-activation. The draw-initiated terminating framework rethinks vaping by duplicating the simplicity of

customary smoking, disposing of the requirement for button enactment and guaranteeing a consistent progress for

rookies to the vaping scene.

2g packspod

Coil: Coil of ceramic. Enjoy a vaping experience that is smoother on your throat, kindness of the earthenware curl’s

intensity dispersion.

Series: Packwoods Packspod Delta-8 Live Resin Disposable, 2G. With Packwoods Packspod Delta-8 Live Resin

Disposable, you can enjoy a flavorful and clean draw with every puff.

packspod 2g thc disposable

Check out the Packwoods Packspod Delta-8 Live Resin Disposable, which contains 2 grams of delta-8 cannabinoids

derived from flash-frozen hemp plants from the United States. The live resin processing method of flash freezing freshly

harvested hemp plants allows for the preservation of terpenes that all contribute to the unique scents and flavors of the

hemp plant and promote the entourage effect. These terpenes are packed with flavor and aroma.

Packwoods Packspod Delta-8 Live Tar Dispensable 2G Elements:

Construction of the Chassis: Polycarbonate; less than 0.3

percent Delta-9 THC; no fillers; tested by a third party lab; charging: Type-C Port

• USA Hemp Determined Cannabinoids Accessible Choices: Banana Flambe, Dark Cherry Gelato, Blue Slurpee, Rainbow

Sherbet, Unicorn Sherbet Cautioning: Consuming this item can open you to synthetic compounds including beta-myrcene,

which is known to the Territory of California to cause malignant growth and Δ9-Tetrahydrocannabinol, which is known to

the Province of California to cause birth surrenders or other regenerative mischief.

packspod 2g live resin disposable

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Banana Flambe, Black Cherry Gelato, Blue SlurpeeRainbow Sherbet, Unicorn Sherbet


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