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snow cone strain

snow cone strain


snow cone strain

Sativa Dominant Hybrid – 60% Sativa / 40% Indica


snow cone strain

Shaved ice is a mixture pot strain from 707 Seedbank made by crossing Snowman with 707 Chemdawg.

This strain highlights flavors like sweet marshmallow, gentle diesel and citrus. The impacts of shaved ice

give an elevating and pleasant high that can be utilized socially or in isolation.

snow cone weed strain

Shaved ice is a cross breed strain with high THC content and low CBD levels123. It is a hybrid of

Shiskaberry and Unique Strawberry Diesel1, or a combination of Snowman and 707 Chemdawg. It has a

sweet and flavorful and solid narcotic effects1. It is a moderate trouble strain to develop, with a long

blooming time and a high yield1.

purple snow cone strain

Shaved ice, otherwise called “Shaved ice,” “Shaved ice Kush” or “Shaved ice OG,” is a marginally sativa

predominant cross breed strain (60% sativa/40% indica) made as an aggregate of the scandalous Snowcap

Pheno #4 strain. Known for its tasty flavor and overjoyed empowering high, Shaved ice is the ideal bud for

any sativa sweetheart who appreciates cheerful sativas with a high that goes on for quite a long time.

grape snow cone strain

You’ll feel stimulated and lifted only a short time after your first breathe out, filling your brain with a shivery

satisfaction and center that blurs all through attacks of laughs. This overjoyed state keeps on extending

endlessly further, pushing out negative or hustling contemplations easily. Because of these impacts and its

really high 20-32% typical THC level, Shaved ice is much of the time decided to treat those experiencing

conditions like persistent weariness, melancholy, ongoing pressure or uneasiness, muscle fits or spasms

and constant agony.

strawberry snow cone strain

This bud has a harsh citrusy flavor with traces of zesty lemon and spices all through. The smell is practically

the same with a natural fruity suggestion that is gritty and fiery with traces of acrid lemon and citrus. Shaved

ice buds have little adjusted brilliant neon green nugs with loads of meager lively orange hairs and a

covering of small cold white precious stone trichomes.

lemon snow cone strain

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Snow cons flavors

Blow Pop, Polar Berries, Rainbow Swirl, Frozen Runtz, Lemoncello, Frosted Cherries, Otter Pops, Pop Rocks


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