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red velvet cookie strain

red velvet cookie strain


red velvet cookie strain

 Indica Dominant Hybrid 60% Indica / 40% Sativa


red velvet cookie strain

red velvet cookie strain, Red Velvet Treats isn’t a kind of weed. In any case, there are two strains that have

comparative names: Velvetz Treats and Red Velvet. Velvetz Cookies is a hybrid strain that was created by

crossing La Cookies and Phantom Cookies. It has a CBD content of about 2%1 and low THC levels that

range from 19 to 25%. Red Velvet is a mixture strain that inclines towards the indica side, with a mix of 60%

indica and 40% sativa, made by crossing Lemon Cherry Gelato with Pina Acai2. Due to the mixture of

terpenes, it has a distinctive aroma and flavor profile, with caryophyllene being the predominant terpene.

cookies red velvet strain

Red Velvet is a half and half pot strain crossing a Lemon Cherry Gelato to a Pina Acai. Reproduced by

Grandiflora of Oakland, Red Velvet is conveyed by the brand Treats. It can have a very interesting

cinnamon/intensely hot smell, and half and half impacts. Red Velvet is a Leafly Buzz type of May 2022.

velvet cookies strain

Red Velvet is a marginally indica predominant half breed strain (60% indica/40% sativa) made through

crossing the flavorful Lemon Cherry Gelato X Pina Acai strains. Named for its astonishing flavor, Red Velvet

is the ideal delectable bud for any indica love who cherishes an extraordinary taste with their medication.

Like its namesake treat, Red Velvet has a sweet chocolatey and rich flavor with traces of new vanilla and a

bunch of new organic products.

red velvet strain cookies

The fragrance is of sharp citrusy lemon with a smooth vanilla suggestion that turns a piece zesty and woody

as the nugs are fallen to pieces and consumed with smoldering heat. The Red Velvet high is comparably

flavorful, with alleviating, full-bodied impacts that will quiet both body and soul. You’ll feel intellectually

animated with a shivery sense that enacts your faculties, filling you with a lift in imagination and a significant

expansion in satisfaction.

blue velvet cookies strain

As your state of mind lifts, your body will start to settle, loaded up with a profound feeling of actual

unwinding that is pretty exciting yet mitigating. Joined with its really high 15-38% typical THC level and 0-1%

normal CBD level, Red Velvet is frequently supposed to be ideal for treating conditions, for example, gloom,

persistent pressure or uneasiness, state of mind swings, ongoing agony and constant weakness. This bud

has tree-molded minty green nugs with profound purple undercurrents, thick red-orange hairs and stout,

purple-colored white precious stone trichomes dribbling with sweet tacky tar.

cookies velvet strain

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