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day dream strain

day dream strain


day dream strain

 Indica Dominant Hybrid 60% Indica / 40% Sativa


day dream strain

day dream strain, is a somewhat indica prevailing crossover strain (60% indica/40% sativa) made through

crossing the exemplary Appalachia X Bubbashine strains. Named for its VIP parentage and very euphoric

high, day dream strain is the ideal bud for anybody battling with negative temperaments or needing a

weighty lift in their day or night.

day dreams lucid strain

That being said, the day dream strain high will hit you very quickly, copying through your mind like a beam of

daylight and obscuring any negative or hustling contemplations. All things considered, they’ll be supplanted

with a shivery feeling of satisfaction that avoids you a little with regards to contact with the real world. This

shiver will before long work its direction all through your whole body, leaving you genuinely stoned,

absolutely sofa locked and very blissful about it. In mix with its really high 25-30% typical THC level, these

soothing impacts pursue day dream strain an extraordinary decision for treating conditions, for example,

constant torment, queasiness or craving misfortune, melancholy or emotional episodes, ongoing pressure,

irritation and Bipolar Problem.

sunshine day dream strain

This bud has a sharp tangerine citrus flavor with a gently fruity berry breathe out. The smell is basically the

same, with a sharp citrusy suggestion highlighted by hot diesel, ready berries and new heartiness. day

dream strain buds have long restricted grape-molded minty green nugs with flimsy meager orange hairs and

a covering of cold, brilliant golden gem trichomes.

citrus day dream strain

Sunshine Daydream is an indica-dominant cross between Appalachia and Bubbashine, a hybrid of Bubba

Kush and Blue Moonshine, from Bodhi Seeds. It has a complex combination of tangy diesel and fruit flavors

with sweet berry undertones. A relative of Bubba Kush, Daylight Dream is an intensely psychoactive indica

that carries help to torment, sickness, irritation, and different circumstances that advantage from THC-rich


day dream cookies strain

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