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frosted flakes strain

frosted flakes strain


frosted flakes strain

Indica Dominant Hybrid 70% Indica / 30% Sativa

THC: 19%


frosted flakes strain

frosted flakes strain, is an indica predominant strain with a 70:30 indica/sativa proportion. It is a hybrid of pre-98 and

White Bubba. It has a 19% THC content that offers full body unwinding. The buds look like they have been plunged in

coke and scents like cereal, which makes sense of how it got its name in any case.

frosted flakes weed strain

In any case, it isn’t so famous as different strains that you might have proactively gone over. It seems to be the white

widow and with a solid, incense taste to oblige it. The high is very flawless and won’t leave locked to your sofa. You will

feel vigorous and euphoric and there is nothing you can not do in the wake of smoking the strain.

frosted flake strain

It will, however, provide a satisfying body buzz but not an exceptional high, making it unsuitable for cannabis users. The

strain is in an ideal situation being utilized by patients experiencing a wide range of ailments. Anorexia, stress,

depression, insomnia, and even chronic pain can all be effectively treated with it.

frosted flakes strain effects

Inventive, Elation

May Alleviate

Gloom, Eye Tension, Weakness, Stress


Citrus, Fruity, Pine


Citrus, Extravagant, Fruity, Mango, Pine,

frosted flakes strain review

frosted flakes strain is an indica-predominant half and half cannabis strain made by crossing Supernatural occurrence

Outsider Treats with NH3. Due to its high THC content, this strain is suitable for seasoned cannabis users. Frosted Flakes

produces a full-body high that is both productive and calming, making it ideal for use later in the afternoon or evening.

purple frosted flakes strain

You can anticipate that the high from this strain should cause you to feel shivery, euphoric, and somewhat fiery. frosted

flakes strain is said to smell like the well-known breakfast cereal because of its earthy flavors and floral and earthy aroma.

Patients who use medical marijuana select this variety for its ability to alleviate fatigue, depression, and stress-related

symptoms. This strain was initially reared by Taylormade Choices. Leave a review of the strain to let us know how you felt

about smoking, dabbing, or eating Frosted Flakes.

frosted flakes marijuana strain

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