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the white angel strain

the white angel strain


the white angel strain

Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

THC: 30%


the white angel strain

the white angel strain, otherwise called “the white angel strain OG,” is an intriguing uniformly adjusted half and half strain

(half indica/half sativa) made as a triple backcross of White Widow X SFV OG. Assuming you’re searching for a flawless

bud that will thump you level on your back, you’ve tracked down it. With THC levels that base out at a crazy 30%, you’re

in for one radiant ride with this the white angel strain.

white angel strain

The high comes on with a hurrying impact, hitting you with an unexpected lift a couple of moments after your last hit. This

impact will before long turn unfocused and languid, leaving you lost in your own dim contemplations and absolutely and

totally loose intellectually. Your body will before long begin to blur into the chasm too, dropping into a body high that

leaves you shivery, love seat locked, and somewhat excited.

angel white cannabis strain

On account of these hard-hitting impacts and its really high THC level, The the white angel strain is suggested for the

accomplished client experiencing conditions like gloom, sleep deprivation, persistent agony, and constant pressure. This

bud has a sweet citrus pine flavor with traces of exquisite diesel on each breathe out. The fragrance is extremely sharp

and hearty with a citrus diesel suggestion that is marginally harsh. The White Holy messenger buds have huge minty

green grape-molded nugs with fuzzy orange hairs and a thick chilly white cover of sparkling gem trichomes.


Excited, Cheerful, Unwinding, Lethargic, Inspiring

May Assuage

Persistent Agony, Sadness, A sleeping disorder, Stress


Citrus, Diesel, Pine, Sweet


Diesel, Home grown, Pine, Sharp

the white angel strain is an honor winning offspring of two celebrated strains, The White and SFV OG Kush, bringing back

home the general award at the 2010 and 2014 Pot Cup. Between its amazing flavors and hard-hitting impacts, this sought

after beneficiary reared by Karma Hereditary qualities will positively be your next most loved go-to strain.

white angel marijuana strain

With madly high THC levels around 24% and popular genealogy, it’s no big surprise concerning why it’s bringing back

home honors and gradually become a top-level strain. These timberland green nugs are shrouded in smooth white

trichomes and red hot orange hairs, providing it with the veneer of being hot to the touch. The fragrances are sweet and

lemony with gritty pine and reviving wintergreen on the button. The flavors are wealthy in citrus and musk, making this a

memorable strain.

white angel og strain

The high from the white angel strain must be portrayed as effectively soothing. After the main hit, you are dazed by the

weighty cerebral rush, leaving you dim and stoned, with a practically complete loss of usefulness. This solid high is ideal

for a finish of day tranquilizer or a mind power outage that will endure over the course of the evening. Appreciate it before

bed for the full wanted impact.

white angel weed strain

As referenced over, this strain is great for the treatment of a sleeping disorder. Its absolutely desensitizing properties will

have you off to fantasy land with almost no work of your own. Portrayed as an opiate like high, this will be a continuous

rest, so make certain to give yourself a lot of time for it to wear off during the evening. As it is a strong narcotic, it is

likewise perfect for the help of torment, cerebral pains, cramps, muscle fits, and muscle snugness.

This is a famous indoor plant with a blossoming season of 10 to 11 weeks and will concede you with a high return if

appropriately focused on. Suggested for halfway producers or more, you can anticipate a medium measured plant that

scents of citrus and pine.

the white angel strain

the white angel strain is perfect for indoor raisers who require a less sharp scent from their plants.

On the off chance that you are searching for the greatest evening of rest you’ve had in quite a while, you’ve come to the

ideal locations. Not exclusively is this strain inconceivably pleasant due to its flavors, yet a one hitter weakling will last you

longer than most. Appreciate the white angel strain around evening time following a long and upsetting day and feel your

concerns dissolve away into this merry, love seat locked high.

Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

the white angel strainr (Otherwise known as White Holy messenger OG) is an honor winning strain and longstanding

veteran of the Los Angeles pot local area. The reproducers, likewise called the white angel strain, made this strain by

crossing a triple backcrossed White Widow with the strong California local, SFV OG. This ideal 50/50 cross breed reliably

tests at or above 30% absolute THC.

the white angel strain rich fragrance is a tempting scent of pine and sweet citrus. It has an advanced bud structure and

vigorous gum creation, and offers buyers profound unwinding close by torment and a sleeping disorder easing credits.

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