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white gelato plus strain

white gelato plus strain


white gelato plus strain


white gelato plus strain

White Gelato Plus strain, from Dubz Garden and La Coz is the next product up for review. For those who

are unaware, La Coz is the brand owned by rapper and producer Cozmo. I am a fan of both brands.

Hereditary qualities of White Gelato In addition to

The cross of White Runtz and Gelato make up the hereditary qualities of White Gelato In addition to by Dubz Nursery and

La Coz. To be honest, this game-changing flower embodies the best qualities of each parent.

Appearance There were three large colas in my bag when it arrived. These exotic buds are covered in enormous trichome

crystals that can be seen by the naked eye. An embroidery of profound purples and dim greens is under, impeccably

supplemented by a perfect proportion of orange hairs.

gelato plus strain

I talked about how good this cross is earlier in the review, and the nose is a great illustration of it. The smell is the ideal

blend of sweet treats notes, rich berry notes, and sensitive gas notes, wedding together consistently.

The Breathe in and The Breathe out

The breathe in changes course than the nose would suggest yet in any case doesn’t dishearten. Tropical pineapple notes

rule the breathe in, supplemented by sensitive gas noticed that start to grow and assume control over the breathe out


The Smoking Experience

No doubt, this strain is a competitor for me as one of the most incredible smoking encounters of 2021. The flavor and

nose are my favorites. Additionally, the kickass expansion works so well with everything else. Also, see those buds.

Consider the trichomes.

The High This strain gives off a high that almost works. The high is able to think clearly but also has a powerful punch.

Before you know it, your brain starts to melt, but in a good way.

So was White Gelato In addition to by Dubz Nursery and La Coz worth the cash, and could I repurchase it?

Indeed and Yes. The top shelf should be dedicated to this strain. I could buy this again all day. I would purchase pounds

of this and smoke it to the point of death.

Where can I find White Gelato Plus?

You can track down this burden on the first rate at Dr. Greenthumbs, The Stoneware, and most Treats areas. This strain is

completely worth the $60-$65 before tax, which you can expect to pay.

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