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chemdawg strain

chemdawg strain


chemdawg strain

Indica Dominant Hybrid – 55% Indica / 45% Sativa

THC: 19%, CBN: 1%


chemdawg strain

chemdawg strain (or Chem Canine) is the reputed blend of OG Kush and Harsh Diesel, which quickly makes it a group #1

among weed epicureans. One of my favorite hybrids has a lot of body.

The Chemdawg strain gives you an instant rush of energy that takes over your mind; ordinary of any Acrid Diesel smoke

meeting. The large distinction among Chemdawg and Harsh Diesel notwithstanding, is that Chemdawg has an extra

(entirely perceptible) body-dissolve.

The OG Kush in the ChemDawg strain’s lineage is likely the source of this potent body high. Thusly, I just prescribe the

Chemdawg strain to my companions or partners who are additionally high-resilience clinical weed patients. It’s most

certainly not what I think about a decent strain for fledglings.

strain chemdawg

Chemdawg, formally named “Chemdog,” is a half and half weed strain developed and spread by the reproducer Chemdog

starting around 1991. Chemdog tells a Leafly interview about how a Colorado Grateful Dead concert was the source of

what was thought to be bag seed from Northern California. Chem 91, Chem 4, and Chem Sister are minor departure from

chemdawg strain . chemdawg strain was originally referred to as “Dog bud” and “Chem” for the same plant.

chemdawg strain developed into the variety ‘Chemdawg’ over the long haul and distance as different producers and

reproducers proliferated it, with the last option name turning out to be more predominant. clients let us know Chemdawg

impacts incorporate inclination euphoric, inspired, and imaginative. Chemdawg is a popular choice for medical marijuana

patients who are experiencing pain, stress, and anxiety symptoms. Chemdog is a staple strain in pot and might be a

wellspring of stalwart strains like Harsh Diesel and OG Kush,

chemdawg weed strain

chemdawg strain is known for its unmistakable, diesel-like fragrance. You’ll be able to tell this strain is pungent and sharp

from a mile away. Weed amateurs be cautioned: Chemdog will in general be exceptionally powerful. Customers can

anticipate a strong, heavy-bodied sensation in addition to a cerebral experience.

Due to a high level of breeder secrecy and a variety of urban legends regarding its origins, Chem Dawg, also known as

“Chemdawg,” is a slightly indica-dominant hybrid strain (55% indica/45% sativa). This bud has been a favorite for a long

time and has given birth to famous strains like Sour Diesel and OG Kush, despite the fact that its true history is largely

unknown. The Chem Dawg high very quieting and euphoric in nature with even head and body impacts.

chemdawg og strain

It starts with a positive effect that makes you feel better and makes you feel happy instead of sad or racing thoughts. You’ll

feel an eruption of innovative motivation that stimulates you without causing tension or stress. Due with these impacts and

its high 19% typical THC level, chemdawg strain is a patient #1 for treating conditions like ongoing exhaustion, sadness,

sickness, constant pressure or uneasiness, and persistent torment. The classic aroma of pungent, earthy diesel is

accompanied by a sharp skunkiness that permeates any space.

purple chemdawg strain

The taste is somewhat milder, with a kind of sweet diesel complemented by sharp synthetics and earth. Chem Dawg buds

have nugs that are shaped like a spade and are dark olive green, airy, and somehow dense. They also have tiny crystal

trichomes with a faint amber tint and a scattering of dark orange hairs.

chemdawg strain effects

Imaginative, Blissful, Unwinding

May Assuage

ADD/ADHD, Persistent Torment, Gloom, Exhaustion, Sickness, Stress


Synthetic, Fiery


Diesel, Hearty

Hereditary qualities and History

chemdawg strain is an incredible strain with a questionable hereditary history. Despite the fact that U.S. breeders believe

it was created by crossing Thai and Nepalese sativa landraces, many people claim this strain was created. Chemdawg’s

histories incorporate one record of a muddled seed trade among individual producers at a Thankful Dead show and

another story nailing the strain’s parentage to a Colorado strain called Canine Bud (so named for its inclination to make

the smoker turn over like a canine).

chemdawg 91 strain

chemdawg strain distinctive flavor and upbeat, energetic high have made it a staple in the U.S. cannabis market,

regardless of its origins. It has additionally been utilized to crossbreed a few well known and effective strains. chemdawg

strain THC content has been estimated at somewhere in the range of 15% and 20%.

Chemdawg’s medium-sized buds have a slightly different appearance than those of hybrid or pure indica lines. The leaves

of the flowers are rather loose and wavy, rather than popcorn-like, and they are long and tapered. The sticky white

trichomes that cover the spring green leaves give the buds their silvery appearance.

Because of the blend of their free construction and resinous surface, buds of Chemdawg are especially hard to separate

manually – – clients planning blossoms for joints or lines will make some more straightforward memories with a processor.

The tacky blossoms are strung through with red to orange pistils. The smell of Chemdawg is similar to diesel fuel, which

many believe is the source of the word “chem.” The sharp blossoms likewise radiate smells of hearty musk and some


chemdawg 4 strain

However long blossoms are appropriately relieved, this strain has smooth smoke that preferences acrid and when

breathed in. Chemdawg’s smoke reveals its diesel flavor on the exhale with an ammonia-like tang that reaches the

forefront of the palate.

Effects The high from chemdawg strain hits users quickly, sometimes before they’ve had a chance to fully appreciate its

distinctive diesel scent. Smokers might encounter a honing of the faculties and an expanded hyper-familiarity with their

environmental factors. This at first bewildering head high turns out to be all the more gainfully cerebral and reflective in

the right set and setting. Chemdawg can fit an overflowing discussion.

Its capacity to enhance tangible encounters likewise makes it especially really great for innovative undertakings.

Numerous clients report an obvious feeling of actual unwinding – – albeit nothing close couchlock – – prompting some

theory that chemdawg strain has some indica in its hereditary qualities too. Due to its potent cerebral high, Chemdawg

has proven useful in treating stress, anxiety, and even post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). A few fanatics of the strain

depict help from ongoing torment and headaches too.

Chemdawg has the potential to incite paranoia due to its potency and mental focus. Thusly, even clients with a high

capacity to bear THC are encouraged to as needs be moderate their admission.

Developing chemdawg 4 strain

Chemdawg is a strain whose development is more qualified to additional accomplished producers. For some time, it must

be developed as a clone in the event that a section was gotten from a full grown plant; presently, be that as it may, many

seed organizations sell bundled seeds of Chemdawg.

It is more frequently developed inside than outside, as it requires a lot of having a tendency to oppose shape and mold.

Developing inside takes some cautiousness – – the sativa-commonplace plants frequently develop north of 5 feet tall, and

in that capacity, producers ought to twist and prune them from the get-go in the vegetative stage to keep them at a

reasonable level. When grown indoors, plants typically produce a very high yield and flower within nine to ten weeks:

Growers can anticipate harvesting anywhere from 65 to 75 grams, or 2.3 to 2.6 ounces, per square foot of plant.

chemdawg strains

Such significant returns on such moderately tall plants can make for branches that list under the heaviness of the

blossoms; cultivators ought to utilize tall backings like wooden dowels to keep plants upstanding in the blooming stage.

Finally, because Chemdawg is so strong, growers who value secrecy or discretion should invest in exhaust fans or carbon

air filters to control odors in their homes.

Due to its potency, chemdawg strain is an excellent strain for crossbreeding. The phenotype Chemdawg 91 and the

extremely well-liked hybrids Sour Diesel and OG Kush are among its descendant strains. If consumed at night, it is more

likely to keep users awake than to put them to sleep because of its almost eye-watering spiciness and its energizing and

stimulating effects. Chemdawg can be an extraordinary decision for achieving undertakings, as well with respect to

additional celebratory conditions as it keeps heads humming and discussion streaming.

og chemdawg strain

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