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jet fuel runtz strain

jet fuel runtz strain


jet fuel runtz strain

Sativa Dominant Hybrid 70% Sativa / 30% Indica


jet fuel runtz strain

jet fuel runtz strain, Stream Fuel, likewise known all the more regularly by the name “G6,” is a sativa prevailing half

breed (70% sativa/30% indica) strain made through crossing the scandalous Aspen OG X High Country Diesel

strains. With its strong 17-19% typical THC level and taking off impacts, Stream Fuel is frequently supposed to be

the “cocaine of cannabis.” What’s more, after one hit of this powerhouse, you’ll see the reason why.

jet fuel x runtz strain

The Stream Fuel high crushes into you with a prompt impact felt directly in the temple and behind the eyes. You’ll

feel euphoric and inspired with a feeling of shivery cerebral energy that can leave you super giggly on occasion. As

your brain takes off through the mists, your body will capitulate to a sensation of complete unwinding that doesn’t

cause sedation or love seat lock, but instead leaves you unimaginably languid.

white runtz x jet fuel gelato strain

With these strong impacts, Fly Fuel is in many cases a patient decision for treating persistent weariness,

headaches or strain cerebral pains, constant pressure, temperament swings, and discouragement. Stream Fuel

has knotty and level heart-molded olive green nugs with shaggy golden hairs decked in sparkling golden gem

trichomes. The flavor is unquestionably impactful with a diesel suggestion emphasized by sweet skunk. Stream

Fuel’s smell is much more grounded, with an impactful diesel impact finished off with sweet skunk and pine.

super jet fuel runtz strain

Fly Fuel, otherwise called “G6,” “Stream Fuel OG,” “Fly Fuel G6,” “Fly Fuel Kush,” and “G6 Kush,” is a half breed

pot strain from 303 Seeds with inspiring impacts that might ease nervousness. Fly Fuel is a definitive cross of

probably the most prestigious Diesel strains, offering a THC level of 20%.

jet fuel runtz strain

By consolidating Aspen OG with High Nation Diesel, we are left with a half and half that blossoms inside 9-10

weeks and that stays consistent with the impact of SFV OG Kush and East Coast Harsh Diesel in its genealogy.

Fly Fuel’s name isn’t absolutely dedicated to the sweet, sharp fragrance of diesel vapor this strain oozes. It

likewise shows a high-energy shock of elevating impacts that will ultimately even out off and quiet you into a

fantasy like condition of unwinding.

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