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electric ice strain

electric ice strain


electric ice strain

Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

THC: 20%, CBD: 1%


electric ice strain

electric ice strain, is a close even equilibrium of sativa and indica qualities, a relative of Skunk, Aurora Borealis, Shiva, and an Afghani landrace (sativa/indica proportion 50:50). This strain, which is frequently mistaken for Frozen yogurt, won the 1998 Marijuana Cup as a crossover. It has high THC levels, surpassing 20% in accessible examples, and that makes for an extremely strong, euphoric high that conveys an emotional state of mind help, a fiery kick, and a fix of imagination.

electra ice strain

The impacts are all the while lethargic and centered. Ice can be utilized to treat uneasiness, constant agony, restlessness, regular pressure, and absence of craving. It ought not be utilized as the main type of treatment for seizure issues, nonetheless, or for different circumstances that answer CBD, as Ice has little of that substance. There are compound notes to the flavor and smell of this strain, as well as prepared traces of citrus and other organic product.

electric ice weed strain

Dry mouth and red eyes are the most broadly revealed adverse consequences, while cerebral pains, suspicion, and wooziness are additionally conceivable. Ice is a famous, powerful decision on and off the lawful clinical cannabis markets, however it sells best in Washington, Oregon, Arizona, and Massachusetts.


Elation, Concentration, Cheerful, Unwinding, Inspiring

May Ease

Asthma, Constant Agony, Sorrow, Gastrointestinal Turmoil, Aggravation, A sleeping disorder, Loss of Craving, Headaches,



Berry, Substance, Diesel, Peppery, Hot, Woody


Substance, Gritty, Brutal, Impactful, Hot

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