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silver surfer strain

silver surfer strain


silver surfer strain

Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

THC: 26%


silver surfer strain

silver surfer strain, is a hybrid strain that is 50 percent indica and 50 percent sativa. It was created by crossing the well-

known Blue Dream and Super Silver Haze strains. This bud, named after its velvety-smooth high, is ideal for hybrid

enthusiasts who value lasting effects and an insanely delicious flavor.

silver surfer weed strain

The Silver Surfer high has a light lifting effect that builds slowly in the back of your head before lifting your mood and

giving you energy. You’ll feel more focused and creative, which makes it easy to talk to anyone in your immediate

environment. Silver Surfer is frequently used to treat conditions like anorexia, chronic anxiety, bipolar disorder,

depression, chronic fatigue, and glaucoma or eye pressure due to its elevated effects and high average THC level of 12-26%.

super silver surfer strain

On exhalation, this bud has a very sweet blueberry-citrus flavor with hints of earth and fresh woody pine. As the nugs are

broken up and burned, the aroma is very earthy and fruity, with a rich blueberry grape undertone. It is complemented by

sour and spicy citrus. Silver Surfer buds are covered in golden amber crystal trichomes and have elongated bright neon

green nugs with vibrant orange hairs.

silver surfer haze strain

The powerful cerebral effects of Silver Surfer, a sativa-dominant hybrid, may make you feel like you’re zipping through

space with your super-hero powers. This strain has a lot of energy, which helps many people cross things off their to-do

list or gets them talking in social situations. This high ends on a relaxing note thanks to the subtle indica effects. Since this

strain is of genuine medical quality, it may be a little too vigorous for anxious patients or new patients. Silver Surfer is a

cross between Blue Dream and Super Silver Haze. In 8 to 9 weeks, the plants produce a lot of crystal-covered fruit.

purple silver surfer strain

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