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og kush strain

og kush strain

(7 customer reviews)


OG Kush

Sativa Dominant Hybrid – 55% Sativa / 45% Indica

THC: 20% – 26%, CBN: 1%


og kush strain

OG Kush is an unbelievable strain with a name that has acknowledgment even beyond the pot world. However, despite its

fame, no one knows where exactly it came from. A few case that it’s a combination of staple Chemdawg and a tough

Hindu Kush landrace. It’s likewise conceivable that OG Kush rose up out of undocumented pack seed as a particular

aggregate of another current strain. The importance of its name is likewise questioned – – the “OG” has been on the other

hand said to represent: ” unique hoodlum,” meaning its status as an old fashioned building block strain; ” ocean-grown,”

referring to its location on the California coast; and even “,” a website that no longer exists but was a

resource for numerous cannabis growers. One thing that is not disputable is OG Kush’s strength – – its THC organization

has been reliably estimated at somewhere in the range of 20% and 25%.

kush og strains

OG Kush has medium to enormous piece like buds that have a thick, indica-like construction. The leaves are yellowish

green, albeit certain aggregates can show hints of purple; The cold weather causes the anthocyanin pigments to become

active, resulting in the latter color. Lively orange pistils, intended to get dust from treating male plants, contrast these

beautiful blossoms.

The buds are covered in trichomes, which give them a silvery-white appearance and make them very sticky to the touch.

Users might want to use a grinder to prepare the buds for a joint or a pipe. The buds have a musty, earthy scent that is

enhanced by some citrusy brightness when properly cured: the general impression is of a hoppy specialty lager.

Consuming or tearing open the buds offers all the more a pine-like scent.

strains of og kush

Smoke from OG Kush is regularly cruel and hack prompting; it might sting the sinuses and make eyes water. On both the

inhale and exhale, the smoke has a hashy and spicy flavor that is typical of an indica. Even after a joint has been

extinguished, the pungent funk of OG Kush may persist for some time; those who want to smoke discreetly should take

the necessary precautions.

In the early 1990s, a marijuana strain from Northern California was allegedly crossed with Chemdawg, Lemon Thai, and

an Amsterdam Hindu Kush plant to create OG Kush, also known as “Premium OG Kush.” This was the first time OG Kush

was grown in Florida. The outcome was a half breed with an exceptional terpene profile that flaunts a complicated smell

with notes of fuel, skunk, and zest. OG frequently alludes to “Unique Criminal,” demonstrating either the strain’s validness

or force. OG Kush should have a head-and-body high and smell like lemon-pine fuel. It is frequently enjoyed at the end of

the day to relieve stress.

strain og kush

The hereditary spine of West Coast marijuana assortments, OG Kush showed up in Los Angeles in 1996 when Matt

“Bubba” Berger brought it (alongside “The Bubba,” which was subsequently used to make the popular Bubba Kush) from

Florida to amazing cultivator Josh D. From that point forward, OG Kush has turned into an overall staple used to make

various well known strains like GSC and Headband. Tahoe OG, SFV OG, and Ghost OG are just a few of the numerous

OG Kush weed phenotypes.

og kush strain indica

parentage because of reproducer mystery, despite the fact that it is believed to be a cross of the famous Chemdawg X

Hindu Kush strains. Presumably the most renowned strain in the realm of restorative maryjane, OG Kush is the ideal

crossover for any indica or sativa darling. It begins almost immediately after you exhale, enveloping your brain in a

heightened sense of unfocused joy and ease.

what strain is og kush

Even though you might occasionally burst into fits of giggles, you’ll feel sociable and outgoing as you chat with everyone

in the area. An ache of craving comes straightaway, leaving you with a weighty instance of the munchies and going after

anything in sight to nibble on. OG Kush is an excellent choice for treating conditions such as chronic stress or anxiety,

mood swings or depression, loss of appetite or nausea, migraines or headaches, and its high average THC level of 20-

26%. The flavor of this bud is typical of sour citrus with hints of woody pine. The fragrance is basically the same, with a

hot kushy hint that is highlighted by sharp citrus, woody pine and impactful damp. With long, thin orange hairs, golden

undertones, and a coating of tiny, golden-white crystal trichomes, OG Kush buds have fat grape-shaped forest green


Impacts skywalker og kush strain

Giggly, Blissful, Eager, Unwinding, Amiable, Inspiring

May Alleviate og kush breath strain

Tension, Sadness, Cerebral pains, Headaches, Sickness, Stress

Flavors banana og kush strain

Citrus, Home grown, Pine, Skunky, Acrid, Woody

Fragrances lemon og kush strain

Citrus, Moist, Natural, Sharp, Skunky, Acrid, Woody

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Og kush …………….. Qp $500, Og kush …………….. hp $800, Og kush ……………..Lb $1500

7 reviews for og kush strain

  1. SatTech85 (verified owner)

    its the real deal. 5 star. could be trimmed a better tho

    Smell: 5/5
    Burn: 5/5
    Taste: 5/5
    High: 5/5
    Look 4/5

  2. MaximoLegrand (verified owner)

    taste good nice high

  3. Jbarthe27 (verified owner)

    Dank potent sticky bud
    Excellent quality beautifully trimmed
    Creeper effects , great high , sleep like a baby
    Would buy this strain any day of the week
    5/5 overall

  4. Iphoneboob (verified owner)

    I think this strain is great for the price!!
    A++++ great flavour decent high.

  5. Gozi54 (verified owner)

    Some nice medical benefits but feels more hybrid (needing a very strong Indica for my medical needs), high is nice, but not over-powering, medium for those with high tolerance, while others may find it strong….3.5/5! Will buy again, price is fair for quality. So far, I prefer Lindsay Tropicana over this strain!

  6. CodyRRR (verified owner)

    Tastes like death bubba!

  7. loganick (verified owner)

    Great bud loved the taste and the name!

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