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Mango Cookies


Mango Cookies

(8 customer reviews)


Mango Cookies

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Mango Cookies is an indica-leaning strain with a sweet mango flavor and hints of the cookie lineage peaking through. Patients report an initial burst of euphoria and head high followed by an intense body high with heavy relaxation as the energetic terpenes give way to the heavier sedating terpenes. Created by crossing Somango (Indica-Hybrid) and Cripple Creek Cookies(Hybrid), Mango Cookies takes the best from both parents making it great for a bedtime snack or evening relaxation without putting you right out.

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Mango cookies……..$250 zip, Mango cookies …….$400 Qp, Mango cookies ………$700 Hp, Mango cookies ……..$1400 Lb

8 reviews for Mango Cookies

  1. Ace58710

    Never lets me down. A great product!

  2. banks

    I enjoyed the taste and smell of this one. Definitely smelled kushy. Great if you don’t want to smoke a lot.

  3. rick_moen

    It’s alright, not the best I’ve smoked on here. The joints I rolled with this didnt resin up and that’s what I look for when I’m smoking one.

  4. 49turbos

    this stuff will blow your head off pretty powerful stuff.

  5. banks

    I really like this stuff. Next time I’ll be sure to get a lot more of it. Great smell, with a heavy stone. Awesome for pain and shutting down the mind if needed.

  6. Basil H

    So good

  7. Marc360

    Mellow and uplifted, this strain gets you in the perfect mood.

  8. mlund

    good buzz, small buds. would order again

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